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In 2013, there was a large backlog of surplus grain in Jianli, Hubei Province, China. There was a large backlog of surplus grain in Jianli. Farmers were eager for the purchase station in front of the grain pile stored in the open air. The old couple Li Xianxi in Xiazi village, Sanzhou Town, Jianli County were anxious. Their 80000 kg of surplus grain has not been sold yet

at the time of the busy spring farming season of raising seedlings in the whole field and in urgent need of capital investment, many large planting households in Jianli County, Hubei Province are worried. Last year, there was a bumper harvest of rice, and there is still a large amount of surplus grain for sale. However, at present, the market price has fallen, the acquisition of enterprises is weak, and the sales are very difficult

Jianli County is the first county in rice production in China. In 2012, the middle and late rice area of the county was 1.7367 million mu, with a total output of 2.019 billion jin. According to the calculation over the years, the county needs to keep 823 million jin of grain for its own use, and the remaining 1.196 billion jin IEA: in the future, the installed capacity of global renewable energy power generation will increase by 40%, and China will be the commodity grain for export. From September last year to April this year, 1.045 billion kilograms of medium and late rice have been sold, and 151 million kilograms of surplus grain of medium and late rice are still in the hands of farmers

after the listing of autumn grain last year, the grain purchase market in Jianli County was active and the sales were generally smooth. Since the beginning of spring this year, the state has timely announced the minimum purchase price policy of rice in 2013 (1.35 yuan per Jin), which has raised the psychological expectations of grain storage farmers. Although the grain price has fallen all the way since then, some farmers are still unwilling to sell at a low price; Some processing enterprises acquired rice in the early stage, which had a backlog and sales losses. Now they are more afraid to purchase in large quantities, resulting in the phenomenon that "it is difficult to use grain when the operating expenses account for a considerable proportion of the total cost". According to the monitoring of price brand popularity further expanded by the Grain Bureau of Jianli County, the average purchase price of high-quality medium and late rice in October last year was 1.45 yuan per kilogram (the same below). At present, the purchase price of medium and late rice in the market is 1.32 yuan, a decrease of 0.13 yuan from October last year, a decrease of nearly 10%

Hu Guanyu, a large farmer in Xiasha village, Sanzhou Town, said that this year, he encountered the problem of difficult to sell surplus grain, which has never been seen before. At this time last year, hybrid medium indica rice can be sold for more than 1.4 yuan/Jin, and the current rice price has fallen below his psychological bottom line. The 300000 kg of surplus grain pressed in the warehouse was constantly consumed, and the spring ploughing preparation was in urgent need of agricultural materials. Many parties consulted the rice factory, but no one came to collect the grain, so he couldn't sit still

generally, farmers do not have the conditions for long-term grain storage. Some tens of thousands of kilograms or hundreds of thousands of kilograms of grain are stacked in the open air, causing serious losses. The fruits of hard work for a year cannot be realized, and spring ploughing production, agricultural materials preparation and farmers' lives will be affected

Jianli County has hundreds of rice processing enterprises, including Fuwa, Hengtai, Huatian and other national and provincial leading enterprises. With strong raw grain processing and transformation capacity, it has formed a "price highland" in the domestic rice market for a long time. In the past, there was no problem of selling surplus grain in the county. According to the analysis of the heads of many enterprises, the reasons for the abnormal situation this year are as follows: first, the relatively low price of imported rice poured into the main sales area of Guangdong and other places, which had a certain impact on the domestic rice market; Second, some farmers are reluctant to sell grain according to the "old yellow calendar" and want to sell it at a good price after the Spring Festival. As a result, this time they "ate the loss of the market"; Third, the quality of some rice varieties is poor, which did not meet the acquisition standards added to industrial enterprises in June 2017; Fourth, grain production has increased year after year. The capacity of grain depots directly under the central grain reserve Jianli depot is close to saturation, and grain storage rotation cannot be moved. We learned that the difficulty of selling surplus grain has attracted the great attention of Jianli County Party committee and county government, but the county leaders frankly said that it is difficult to solve the problem only by their strength. Once the new rice is listed this year, the price of surplus grain will be more difficult to recover, and farmers will bear greater inventory pressure

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