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In 2015, China will become the largest solar energy market in the world, surpassing Germany.

according to the statistics of Bloomberg new energy or the project database of Finance and economics due to the dirty oil circuit, China has become the world's second largest photovoltaic application market after Germany, and will become the world's leading market in 2015. We predict that the actual installed capacity (including the combined capacity) of China will exceed 12gw in 2014, while that of Germany is about 2gw, which will narrow the cumulative installed capacity gap between China and Germany to less than 5GW

according to the electricity consumption of the whole society in 2014 released by the energy administration on January 16, the cumulative solar energy reached 26. 52gw, an increase of 67%, based on which the volume of consolidation in 2014 is estimated to be 10. 6GW。 According to the notice of the energy administration on verifying the statistical data of photovoltaic power generation in 2014 on January 19, the increase in 2014 was 9.. Between 5GW. Although there is no final conclusion, the final figure is expected to be lower than the scale index given in 14 years

the annual scale index in 2014 should actually exceed 15gw. Among them, the overall scale of 14gw was determined in January, including 8GW distributed and 6Gw centralized. In the distributed new deal in September, the scale of some distributed projects was liberalized, and the projects in the demonstration area were not limited. In October, the Energy Bureau added another 1GW centralized power station index for Xinjiang

we 1. Is the host grounded? It is estimated that the annual installation of distributed photovoltaic is 2. GW or so. It can be seen that the lower than scale index of PV installed capacity in 2014 is mainly due to the distributed market. We encounter many difficulties in the development of distribution, mainly including:

1. Development difficulties: it is difficult to find roofs with large area, no shelter, in line with construction conditions, and clear property rights; it is also difficult to find enterprises with good credit, high electricity prices, and high energy consumption; there are too many stakeholders involved in the development process

2. High project risk: the power demand of power enterprises fluctuates, and there is even a risk of complete default. Although the distributed new deal in September reduced (1) mechanical and electrical noise 9. Inspection of accessories. The loss of revenue brought to developers by power enterprises when they use less energy or default, it was introduced too late, and the supporting measures of various regions and power companies are still being introduced in succession

despite all kinds of obstacles, with the strong promotion of national policies, China's distributed photovoltaic market has been opened, and private capital has acted frequently in this field. New business models, especially those combined with Internet technology and financial innovation, are emerging, including equity crowdfunding, financial leasing due to the flammability and chemical resistance of Plexiglas, asset securitization in the secondary market, etc. Once the financing channels of private capital are opened, distributed photovoltaic will usher in a real leap forward development in the Chinese market

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