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In 2014, Weichai Power Station started its reform at the starting point of 100 billion yuan

in 2014, Weichai Power Station started its reform at the starting point of 100 billion yuan

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Guide: at the beginning of 2014, the news that Weichai group's sales revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan spread rapidly, and Weichai people have turned their attention to the starting point of the year: hold a strategy decoding meeting, put forward nine tough battles that must be won, and start all staff performance management; The economic operation analysis meeting of last year was held to plan the layout for nine hard battles

at the beginning of 2014, the news that the sales revenue of Weichai group exceeded 100 billion yuan spread rapidly, and Weichai people have turned their attention to the starting point of the year: hold a strategy decoding meeting, put forward nine tough battles that must be won, and start all staff performance management; The economic operation analysis meeting of the previous year was held to plan the layout for the nine tough battles; The 2014 annual work conference was held to determine 2014 as the "year of reform", laying the tone for the work of the whole year...

the series of actions of the senior management team made Weichai full of reform. In fact, reform is everywhere for Weichai people. After more than ten years of reform, innovation and development, Weichai has made a magnificent counter attack, from an engine factory on the verge of bankruptcy to an influential international enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry. For more than ten years, reform has been the main theme, and Weichai has changed as it goes. Up to now, it still needs to be changed. Because the seasoned senior management team knows that "change" is the eternal law of market competition, and only by "controlling change with change", can they stay in chaos and stand firm. Therefore, continuous self torture, self denial and self innovation have become the main line of the development of Weichai. Weichai people have been deeply self-motivated on the road to the "Weichai dream"

system reform: open the road of modern management

the reform of the system is the deepest reform of the enterprise. Whether it can emancipate the mind, break the institutional constraints, and maintain the vitality of the organization forever determines the development destiny of the enterprise. From being heavily in debt to operating income exceeding 100billion yuan, the growth rate of Weichai has surprised the industry in 15 years. However, Weichai is not satisfied with the growth of quantity. The industrial integration, system innovation and structural optimization behind the achievements are the endogenous driving force to maintain the increment. With the development and expansion of the enterprise, how to provide an organization system suitable for the needs of the market for the operation of the enterprise, Weichai continues to demand "vitality" from the reform, and strives to promote the virtuous cycle of "industrial expansion - structural adjustment - stable growth", so as to achieve the balance between quantity and quality

"three three system" property right reform has laid the institutional foundation for the rise of Weichai as a modern enterprise, and the establishment of Weichai Power Co., Ltd. has paved the way for Weichai to enter the capital market. These profound institutional changes have revitalized Weichai, which once stumbled. Then, under this framework, Weichai has never stopped exploring corporate governance, group control, enterprise management, etc

good corporate governance is the fundamental guarantee for long-term development. Weichai Power covers the cross regional and multicultural equity structure of domestic and foreign strategic partners, industry leading customers and senior management teams, realizes the internationalization and diversification of the company's equity structure, and builds a strategic pilotage and implementation supervision platform with reasonable structure and solid foundation for business development. On this platform, the construction of Weichai's board of directors is improving day by day. At present, the board of directors is composed of 18 directors, who are elites in various fields such as investment mergers and acquisitions, financial management, technology research and development, market industry and so on, and have rich experience. At the same time, there are four professional committees under the board of directors, namely, the audit committee, the nomination committee, the compensation committee, and the strategic development and Investment Committee. Each professional committee fully performs its duties in strict accordance with its own working rules, provides professional advice on Weichai's various business decisions, ensures the professionalism and scientificity of the decisions of the board of directors on major issues, and plays a positive role in the long-term development of Weichai

the level of group management and control determines its core competitiveness and multi business coordination ability. As an aircraft carrier company with many subsidiaries and businesses covering commercial vehicles, power systems, luxury yachts, key parts and other fields, how to overcome the adverse effects of "it is difficult to turn around" and give full play to the advantages of various businesses to achieve the synergy of 1+1 2 has become a major foothold of Weichai's innovation system

after years of experience, Weichai has straightened out the management relationship between the headquarters and its subsidiaries, which will leave room for counterfeiting. It has basically established an efficient and flat organizational structure with industry as the core. Under the principle of "strategic unity, resource sharing and independent operation", Weichai has fully liberalized the specific affairs of its subsidiaries, comprehensively implemented the authority of its subsidiaries, and maintained its dominant position as an independent legal person, It has won market and social resources for its subsidiaries, and improved its professional operation ability

the strength of a company comes from organizations, not individuals. How to bond independent individuals and effectively gather their talents? This is the core issue of enterprise management. In this regard, Weichai's biggest experience is to mobilize every employee with the system and form a community of interests with the company. That is, the company's macro strategic objectives are transformed into specific work indicators for employees. Everyone, from the company's senior management members to leading cadres at all levels and employees in key positions, undertakes the strategic decomposition indicators, and everyone participates in the implementation of the strategy. Through dynamic performance management, every employee who works hard can get corresponding rewards. Performance is the engine of the striver and the alarm bell of the lazy. By means of comprehensive budget and KPI assessment, Weichai has established a scientific performance management system, realized the dynamic of position and salary, and created a good living space for struggling people. Before the Spring Festival in 2014, Tan Xuguang took the lead in signing personal performance contracts with the senior management team on behalf of the company, which is enough to show the determination and confidence of Weichai's leadership

only when it is difficult, can we show courage; Only by practicing, can we feel precious. Reform is the heirloom of Weichai. The institutional innovation has not only promoted the growth of enterprises, but also purged the thoughts of Weichai people and aroused the spirit of competition, endeavor and struggle in the collision between the new and the old, tradition and conservatism. This is the charm of system reform: to stimulate potential energy to the greatest extent

the advantage of all blonde technology spray free materials is that the process complexity is greatly reduced; Effectively reduce the cost; Isotropic and excellent scratch resistance and other industrial chain revolutions: "two wheel drive" travels around the world

"I think diversification itself is not wrong, its risk lies in whether it has entered the right field and whether it can be effectively controlled. Weichai has chosen relevant diversification, which is an inevitable choice for us to develop to a certain stage, but whether we can operate effectively is our biggest challenge."

the so-called "related diversification", tanxuguang refers to the diversification in the same industrial chain, rather than forcing the upstream and downstream with little internal connection to let our after-sales personnel guide you to install it together. It is obviously not his strategic scope to let aircraft makers engage in tourism, such a wild grafting

although there is a slight criticism of diversification at present, driven by the strong drive of product + capital, Weichai has launched a whole industry chain revolution that shocked the industry: absorbing and merging Hunan torch, returning to the mainland for re listing, Weichai heavy machinery backdoor listing, strategic restructuring of yangchai power, Jiachuan light vehicle, Yangzhou Yaxing bus, leading the establishment of Shandong heavy industry group...

this series of capital operation and resource integration, Weichai has successfully achieved three leaps: the engine has leaped from a single market supporting heavy trucks to a multi market supporting heavy trucks, engineering machinery, passenger cars, ship electricity, etc; A leap from a single product platform dominated by 10 liters and 12 liters to a full range of product platforms; A leap from a single engine product to the coordinated development of multiple gold industrial chains such as commercial vehicles, construction machinery, ships, etc

dual wheel drive has made Weichai a great success in China, but Weichai's exploration of capital does not stop there

in January 2009, Weichai won the relevant assets and product technology of French boduan company with 2.99 million euros, taking the first step of cross-border mergers and acquisitions. In January, 2012, Weichai signed a strategic agreement with Faraday, the largest luxury yacht manufacturer in the world. In September of the same year, Weichai Power signed a cooperation agreement with Kaiao group, one of the world's leading industrial forklift manufacturers and a global leader in hydraulic technology

Weichai's frequent moves in the international capital market reflect its unique business philosophy: international enterprises should not only be satisfied with the growth of general trade, but also learn to allocate resources based on the world and skillfully use capital to control resources. "If we build a brand in our own home, it may take 30 or 40 years. But when the right time comes, once our advantages form synergy with the advantages of foreign controlled resources, it will greatly shorten the time to achieve strategic goals," Tan Xuguang said

if it is a preview of Weichai's international operation to purchase aluminum alloy from Baudouin, France, which has obtained rough parts of various shapes, the integration of Faraday yacht expands the application field of products by occupying the core technology of yacht manufacturing, so that Weichai's core engine technology extends from the land to the sea; The strategic cooperation with Kaiao refers to its high-end hydraulic technology, which can not only realize industrial technology upgrading and product import substitution, but also directly promote the construction of Shandong, a domestic medium and high-end hydraulic R & D and manufacturing base, and support the realization of Shandong heavy industry's Asia Pacific market strategy in the field of forklifts. It can be seen that the integration and M & A of Weichai is not a simple scale expansion, but is intended to optimize the industrial structure, master the core technology, and create the international competitiveness of the whole industrial chain of Weichai

through three international mergers and acquisitions, Weichai's whole industrial chain revolution is in full swing, and Weichai is becoming more and more familiar on the road of internationalization

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