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Electrical industry: great achievements have been made in power transmission and transformation equipment

Yang Qiming, vice president and Secretary General of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, said at the third session of the Third Council of the third session of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association a few days ago that the electrical appliance industry achieved a total industrial output value (current year price) of 1459.078 billion yuan in 2006, an increase of 33.41% year-on-year; The main business income was 1395.656 billion yuan, an increase of 34.07% year-on-year; The output value of new products was 19.948 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.11%

according to Yang Qiming's analysis, under the macro environment in which the national economy continues to maintain rapid and healthy development, the rapid development of the power industry has promoted the sustainable development of the electrical industry, the rapid growth of production and sales, the obvious improvement of the quality and efficiency of economic operation, and the substantial growth of import and export trade. According to statistics, export delivery value, total profit, industrial added value, import and export volume, etc., increased by more than 22% year-on-year

power generation equipment exceeded 100million kW for the first time

the output of power generation equipment reached 110million kW in 2006, the highest in previous years

in 2006, 164 generators of 300000 kW and above were produced, including 4 generators of 1million kW; There are 150 steam turbines in the power station, including 4 sets of 1million kW; 148 utility boilers, including 3 sets of 1million kW; It has become a bright spot in the electrical industry in 2006

four sets of domestic 1million kW ultra supercritical units have been completed, of which one unit installed in Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant has successfully generated power and reached the rated load of 1million kW on October 13, 2006. The first domestic 600000 kW air-cooled generator set and 300000 kW circulating fluidized bed generator set have been officially put into commercial operation

great achievements have been made in power transmission and transformation equipment

in 2006, the output of transformers reached 736.45 million KVA, the output of transformers with capacity above 8000kVA reached 271.95 million KVA, 1.7 times the total output of the previous year, and the output of 500kV and above transformers reached 83.28 million KVA; The output of sf6/550kv fully enclosed composite apparatus was twice that of the same period last year; The output of high-voltage circuit breakers increased by 20% over the same period last year

the output value of new products has continued to grow at a high speed, fully demonstrating the fruitful achievements of scientific and technological innovation, and has become a powerful driving force to promote the development of the industry

power transmission and transformation equipment Three Gorges ± 500kV DC power transmission and transformation and northwest 750kV AC power transmission and transformation demonstration projects have proved that Professor Guo has basically the ability to independently build large-scale high-voltage AC and high-voltage DC power transmission projects, and has improved the overall quality level and product grade of complete sets of power transmission and transformation equipment. China's power transmission and transformation manufacturing enterprises have put the ± 800kV DC and 1000 solution to check whether the power line connected to the experimental machine is connected normally; Check whether the emergency stop switch is screwed up; Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the experimental machine is normal; Check whether the insurance on the machine socket burns out the kV AC complete equipment, which is determined as the key development goal of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

independent development is encouraging

2006 is an important year for independent development and research of key equipment for UHV transmission and transformation projects. The current situation is encouraging

Xi'an transformer company has successfully developed China's first 1000kV, 40000 KVA transformer and 500 "going global". 12. Upgrading: the modular design structure makes it easy for you to use kV controllable reactor with more functions combined with imported ones

500kV and 780000 KVA independently developed by TBEA Shenyang Transformer Company are the world's largest three-phase combined power transformer and ± 500kV DC transmission and transformation converter transformer

the 220kV, 720000 KVA three-phase integrated transformer developed by Tianwei Baoding transformer electric company has reached the international advanced level

Xi'an Xikai high voltage electric company has developed 800kV double break pneumatic SF6 circuit breaker, which has reached the international advanced level. The 1000kV disconnector developed by Pingdingshan high voltage switchgear group is a high-end product with independent intellectual property rights

the 1000kV reactor of hengbian substation and the 1000kV switch of Xinshen High Tech Co., Ltd. have signed a development contract with State Grid Corporation of China

the technical level of other supporting electrical products has also been improved, making new contributions to the sustainable development of the electrical industry

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