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Power poles "affect Feng Shui"? China news service, Hainan, September 11 (Yang Yongguang) - on the afternoon of September 10, the staff of Longqiao power supply station of Hainan Haikou Power Supply Bureau of Nanfang electric power company found that the low-voltage pole was damaged by malicious drilling, and the staff immediately sent an alarm to deal with it

on the 11th, the local police station arrested the saboteur Zhang mouhuang. After interrogation, Zhang mouhuang confessed to his sabotage. According to Zhang Huang's account, he believes that the electric pole in front of the door affects his own Feng Shui, and has repeatedly proposed the relocation of the electric pole through services such as 95598 and 12345. After many negotiations with the power supply station, Zhang Huang has never agreed to invest in the relocation in accordance with the regulations. On September 10, he had a crooked idea, using an electric drill to drill holes in the enclosure of the pole, intending to damage the pole by the force of the typhoon

According to Xing Yong, director of Longqiao Power Supply Bureau, this is the first time to encounter the behavior of destroying power facilities in this way. This behavior is very bad and illegal, which will bring pressure to power supply and public safety in descending order. This branch line supplies power to more than 130 households in Bonan village. Once the pole is blown off by the typhoon, it will affect the normal power consumption of the village, and will also bring a hidden danger to passing vehicles and pedestrians that the global antibacterial plastic has reached 1.4 billion pounds in the industrial market

in order to avoid the impact of double typhoons, the power supply department plans to replace the poles on the 12th to ensure the normal use of electricity by residents during the typhoon

the phenomenon of power facilities being damaged by human external forces has been prohibited repeatedly. According to incomplete statistics, since this year, the 10 kV power distribution facilities of Hainan power have been damaged by external forces due to low thermal conductivity, resulting in a total of 116 power outages, of which 68 cases will flourish due to improper construction operations, accounting for the largest proportion

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