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Electrothermal floor heating system

Abstract This paper briefly introduces the electrothermal floor heating system, including its principle, characteristics, environmental protection and

economy. It is considered that electrothermal floor heating, as a unique heating method, has potential development prospects in building indoor heating

keywords heating, heating, environmental protection, electricity

various ways of using electric energy to generate heat for heating have existed since human beings can supply power on a large scale. The electrothermal ground heating system that uses electric energy to provide overall heating to

buildings was first developed in industrialized countries with relatively abundant electric energy. In China, in the past, due to the shortage of electric energy, it was difficult to imagine using electric energy for heating. With the continuous economic development in recent years, China's electric energy production capacity has been greatly improved. Because electric energy is a kind of clean energy, many regions also encourage the use of electricity, creating conditions for the application of electric heating

ground heating system.

1 principle of electric floor heating system

the electric floor heating system installed indoors is composed of two parts: the heating line laid under the ground, the electronic temperature control switch installed on the wall, and the ground and indoor temperature sensors

1.1 heating heating wire

heating wire is a kind of wire with a certain resistance, which is covered with a heat-resistant and anti-corrosion insulation layer, and is laid under the ground material in a S-shape ("zigzag")

when an electric current is applied, the heating wire will heat up, and the maximum temperature it can reach is now ℃ in engineering plastics and packaging plastics, which can make the ground reach a temperature above 24 ℃.

1.2 electronic temperature control switch

is used to control the temperature of the indoor and ground. It is installed on the indoor wall. It can automatically power on and off the heating line according to the set temperature, and maintain the ground and indoor temperature at the set temperature.

1.3 ground and indoor temperature sensors

the ground temperature sensor is used to sense the ground temperature, which is laid next to the underground heating line and connected to the electronic temperature control switch. The indoor temperature sensor is used to sense the indoor temperature and is installed in the electronic temperature control switch.

2 characteristics of electrothermal floor heating system

2.1 provide comfortable and ideal heating

relevant research shows that at room temperature in the range of ℃, when the air temperature of the human body's feet is three degrees higher than that of the head, the human body feels most comfortable. Heat is always on the rise. The warm lines of the electric heating system are evenly distributed under the ground

, the circulation of hot air is very gentle, and the indoor air temperature is reasonably distributed in a way that makes the human body feel most comfortable. However, the heat generated by the traditional

radiator rises to the roof first, then decreases gradually, and the temperature decreases accordingly, forming a

cycle of hot air in the room to increase the temperature of the room. Therefore, the floor heating system can provide more warm and comfortable heating.

2.2 flexible

the electric heating system can be installed under any ground material, such as cement concrete, wood floor, ceramic tile, marble, plastic floor

board, carpet, etc. It is not only suitable for offices, apartments, shopping malls, hospitals, kindergartens, but also for families' bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. The only visible part of the installed electric floor heating system is the temperature control switch on the room wall, and because of the convenient power of the user, there is no need for boilers, hot water pipes, radiators, etc. required by water heating equipment, so as to provide people with more free space.

2.3 long service life and easy maintenance

generally speaking, the warm wire installed in the concrete layer or other ground materials is no different from any wire buried in the building wall,

its service life is almost the same as that of the building. The test simulation shows that its service life is at least 50 years, and maintenance is not required in use. In this case, the fault location can be immediately confirmed, a damaged section of warm wire can be cut, and then the warm wire can be connected and sealed with heat-resistant

insulating material. This is a simple and rapid process.

2.4 safety

during the design and manufacturing process, the warm wire is generally wrapped with multiple layers of heat-resistant insulation and anti-corrosion materials, and has metal shielding,

which can effectively avoid the impact of electromagnetic field on human body. The high-quality heating wire that meets the relevant electrician certification can be used in various architectural environments, such as bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.

2.5 energy saving and conducive to environmental protection

due to reasonable heat distribution and accurate control of energy consumption by electronic temperature control switches, electric floor heating systems can use energy more effectively than other traditional heating systems, and can save about 20% of energy than other systems to achieve the same temperature effect. Saving energy also means that the impact on the environment is reduced. Electric energy is one of the most controllable energy sources. People can use the electric heating system according to their own needs to avoid unnecessary waste. Electric energy is transmitted through the power supply network, so it is not necessary to build a new transmission network system for heating equipment. The transmission link of electric energy pollutes the environment and has high utilization efficiency. Using electric energy is a wise choice to protect the environment.

3 economy of electric floor heating system

for a room of 20m ﹤ 2, under the condition of meeting the general heating needs, the price of a set of high-quality electric floor heating system is about 4000 ~ 5000 yuan, and the price is not higher than a piece of high-quality carpet. As for the power consumption, generally, when the electric heating wire is laid, the power per square meter is about 100 watts, and the room with 20m ﹤ 2 is about 2000 Watts. In use, due to the automatic adjustment of the electronic temperature control switch, the power on heating is an intermittent process. Generally speaking, its power consumption is less than that of heating and air conditioning with the same area, but it can create a more comfortable environment.

in addition, in areas with low charge period of power supply, it can also be heated during the low charge period to store the heat in the concrete floor

and slowly release it to reduce the power consumption during the normal charge period.

4 other applications of electric heating system

because the electric heating system uses heating wire heating, according to this principle, the concept of electric heating can be extended to

many other places that need heating, such as the electric towel rack in the bathroom, so that the wet towel can be dried quickly; Laying electric heating system on the outdoor ground in cold areas can keep the ground from freezing; Using electric heating wire to heat the water supply pipeline can

ensure that the water flow in the pipeline does not freeze, etc. Conclusion


the traditional hot-water radiator heating method is still the dominant means of winter heating in China, especially in urban central heating, which has irreplaceable advantages. In this article, the author only expounds his personal views on the unique heating method of electric heating floor heating, and sincerely hopes to hear that the second transmission mode can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission to the different views of relevant experts. It should be said that electrothermal ground heating has potential development prospects in some areas and places. The author is willing to discuss this issue with relevant experts

Kang Qingsheng of Beijing huawei'an science and Trade Co., Ltd.

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