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The power tool manufacturing base "incubates" Chinese famous brand

Wuyi hot spring in Jinhua, Zhejiang is famous far and wide. Now the rise of Wuyi power tool industry group adds a beautiful scenery to this poetic land. Wuyi hot spring in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province is well-known. Now the rise of Wuyi power tool industry group has added a beautiful scenery to this poetic land.

in 2008, Wuyi County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province was awarded the title of China power tool manufacturing base by China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, and Wuyi became the third county (city) to win this title after Qidong in Jiangsu Province and Yuyao in Zhejiang Province. In 2012, the total output value of the county's electric tool industry exceeded 10 billion yuan, with a total output of 60million units, accounting for about 15% of the country's exports of similar products. At present, there are 528 enterprises engaged in the production and processing of complete sets of electric tools in Wuyi, including 14 Export Enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, 45 enterprises with an annual export volume of more than 10million US dollars, involving 52000 jobs. Among them, the output and export volume of electric hammers have ranked first in China since 2001, accounting for more than 70%. The electric tool industry has become a major feature and highlight in the economic development of Wuyi County

technological innovation and leading backbone enterprises are one of the main reasons for the rapid development of Wuyi electric tool manufacturing industry. Zhejiang Hengyou electromechanical Co., Ltd. is the backbone of the industry, mainly producing electric hammers and pickaxes. In 1992, it successfully trial produced ph-22 electric hammers. Since 2001, the output and export volume of electric hammers (pickaxes) have ranked first among manufacturers of similar products in China, becoming the largest electric hammer (pickaxe) manufacturer in China and even Asia, and its products have won honors such as Chinese famous brands and Chinese well-known trademarks

the author walked into the front line of the enterprise workshop to explore the development path of this rising star of China's power tool manufacturing base, deeply felt the passion of enterprise struggle, the vitality of innovation, the courage of transformation, and also deeply realized the tacit understanding, harmony and joint force of inspection enterprises

certification increases strength

in 2012, the international economic situation is still not optimistic. We still maintained the leading position in the industry, achieved steady growth, and sales increased by 10% year-on-year. Throughout the year, there was no foreign notification or return due to quality problems, and there was no quality problem dispute with customers. Our products have dispelled the impression of importers that Chinese products are low-cost and low-quality. What the market needs most is products with high cost performance. We have been trying to do this. General manager lvzhiwei is a veteran of the enterprise. He has a lot of feelings about the product quality control of the company

the enterprise's control over product quality is a closed loop, and every effort should be made to avoid hidden dangers of quality and safety in any detail. Strictly implement the standardization of product production, self pressurize and improve the durability test requirements, so that the product quality can stand the test of the market. More than 2 million yuan was invested to carry out ROHS testing, and more than 500000 yuan was invested to carry out the earliest EMC testing in Wuyi. The strong laboratory equipment attracted Wuyi County Bureau of quality supervision. They trusted enterprises to test the products sampled in the market with confidence. Zhejiang Hengyou electromechanical Co., Ltd. has also passed the ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO18000 system certification

our evaluation of suppliers is not primarily about the price of raw materials, but about the ability of suppliers to develop synchronously. Enterprises support suppliers to achieve the purpose of long-term cooperation in the process of development. For the core key parts enterprises, they should produce their own products to ensure quality. General manager LV Zhiwei explained that improving product quality is also a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

transformation for development

Zhejiang Hengyou electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been transforming and upgrading for five years, gradually entering the semi professional electric tool market from the DIY Electric tool market, mainly for small decoration teams and private decoration teams. More than 80% of the products are exported. Because the DIY market is greatly affected by the economic development situation, the semi professional market demand is relatively rigid, and the added value of products has also increased. Enterprises penetrate brands in the Middle East Egyptian market and develop joint brands with local dealers in Egypt. Now, the production and sales volume has been the first in China for ten consecutive years, and I have the honor to participate in the formulation of national standards for electric hammers

we strive to achieve an annual growth rate of 5% on the basis of a large sales base. The benefits of transformation and upgrading have gradually emerged. DIY market products are mostly OEM products, with scattered customers and great changes. Semi professional market customers are relatively long-term. High-quality products can create their own brands, and long-term stable relations can be maintained if they cooperate happily with customers. Of course, the added value of products is self-evident. General manager LV Zhiwei said that in the rapidly changing market, we should rely on the advantages of Wuyi electric tool industry cluster to go further and further in the transformation and upgrading

due diligence to help grow

at the time when the road of continuous development, expansion, transformation and upgrading of enterprises is getting farther and farther, Zhejiang Jinhua inspection and quarantine bureau gives full play to its functions and helps the superior and the strong to help Wuyi electric tools. According to the experiments of international research institutions, the industry creates 3. Accurately measure the length, width and high-tech performance of each position with a square. In 2012, Zhejiang Hengyou electromechanical Co., Ltd. was recommended as an export inspection free cultivation enterprise, setting sail at a new starting point

since the enterprise began to export products in 1998, it has never understood to understand, and then to become bigger and better. During this period, Jinhua Bureau worked together with the enterprise to go through the storm. Since the enterprise carried out ISO9000 system certification, Jinhua Bureau has actively intervened to help the enterprise truly understand the connotation and operate according to the requirements. In recent years, in response to the endless technical trade measures abroad, Jinhua Bureau was urgent for enterprises, and told enterprises to actively respond at the first time

Hengyou electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a national inspection and quarantine integrity enterprise in 2012, and it is also the first enterprise recommended by Wuyi to apply for export inspection exemption. A few days ago, Jinhua Bureau exempted enterprises from changing the deformation to displacement collection after the specimen yield, but support has also been carried out in the field of new materials

the establishment of Wuyi Office of Jinhua bureau at the end of 2011 made it more convenient for our local enterprises to apply for inspection, saving time and money. The staff of Jinhua Bureau worked much harder, but the enterprises benefited greatly. General manager lvzhiwei appreciated the establishment of the inspection and quarantine branch. At present, Hengyou electromechanical Co., Ltd., as a famous Chinese power tool manufacturer incubated in China's power tool manufacturing base, is aiming high, down-to-earth and marching towards higher development goals

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