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China's electric tool market has entered a golden period of development

China's manufacturing industry and the research and application of electric technology started relatively late, but there has been great development in recent ten years. Because pneumatic tools have the characteristics of high quality, long life, high speed, high output and high precision, electric technology has been quickly popularized and applied to various industrial parts, and has shown significant benefits in production. The research and application of manufacturing industry and electric technology in China started relatively late, but there has been great development in recent ten years. Because pneumatic tools have the characteristics of high quality, long life, high speed, high output and high precision, electric technology has been quickly popularized and applied to various industrial parts, and has shown significant benefits in production

the golden period of the development of electric tools

China is a large country in the production and export of hardware tools. Among them, the vast majority of electric tools sold worldwide are produced and exported from China, and I have become a major supplier of electric tools in the world. Although China's hardware tool industry is large, many hardware tool manufacturers often lack core competitiveness and are difficult to grow and strengthen due to factors such as weak technological innovation ability, too single market structure, and weak brand influence

in the domestic electric tool market, the sales of domestic electric tools have accounted for 90% of the total sales, while various imported brand products account for only 10%, which is why they have been recognized and favored by the industry. In the foreign power tool market, the proportion made in China is expanding, and China has become the global power tool production base. The domestic electric tool market is more picky about the quality and brand of electric tools. Both dealers and direct users of electric tools pay great attention to the quality and brand of electric tools. Therefore, the inclination of the market towards good quality and brand electric tools has increased. This is an improvement, indicating that the power tool market is becoming more and more mature

after the international economic recovery, hardware tools ushered in a golden period of development in the export market, especially in developing countries. Due to the relative lag and overall aging of the mechanical processing industry in developing countries, there is a widespread strong demand for imported tools and hardware products. Hardware manufacturers quickly put back their eyes and seized this great opportunity to gradually open up a huge export market and trade business through trade agreements and exchanges. Hardware foreign trade enterprises should size up the situation, take timely countermeasures, actively participate in international exhibitions, improve product quality, increase product innovation, vigorously create low-carbon products according to the international economic situation, understand the EU directive standards for hardware products export, etc., thus opening the banner of expanding foreign markets and improving the international market share of China's hardware products

domestic hardware tools are widely used in various fields such as geological exploration, stone, machinery, automobile and national defense industry. The manufacturing technology level of abrasive tools for machining, geological drill bits and stone sawing tools has been greatly improved. The products have been serialized and standardized, with complete varieties and specifications, stable product quality, and some products are competitive in the international market

the purpose of electric tools is the same as that of pneumatic tools, and even more convenient to use than pneumatic tools. It has the advantages of small and exquisite body, long service life, high safety, and more energy saving. As far as the current overall situation is concerned, its varieties and specifications are relatively complete, such as air chisels, gun drills, polishing machines, impact wrenches, etc

export strategy of electric tools:

improve the technical level

in order to consolidate the current occupied market and further cultivate and develop new markets, we will focus on the following aspects in the future: further improve product quality and speed up the development of new products. In particular, we should focus on accelerating the development of battery power tools and electronic control power tools, and constantly improve the level and product quality of power tools

production technology is developing towards intensification, flexibility, automation, specialization and production cooperation. We should gradually shift from the export mode of fixed brand production and neutral packaging to the export of our own famous brand products. The production mode of fixed brand and neutral packaging has indeed played an important role in rapidly expanding the export of China's electric tools, but this is not a long-term plan, because this operation mode cannot establish the image of Chinese enterprises and create their own famous brands. Some production enterprises in China can only be unknown processing plants, while middlemen make huge profits. In addition, licensing production often hides hidden dangers of trademark infringement disputes. In order to promote the healthy development of China's electric tool foreign trade market and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of China's electric tool industry, we must strive to create our own famous brands in product export and obtain due profits. Comprehensively carry out the safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility certification of electric tools, implement the export license of electric tools, and constantly improve the quality and level of electric tools

explore emerging markets

further study and master the trade practices of European and American electric tools. While stabilizing and continuously expanding the share of China's electric tools in the Western European and North American markets, actively explore new markets and realize market diversification, especially focusing on the development of African markets, Latin American markets and Eastern European markets

oppose competitive selling at low prices and regulate the export market. Except for the products of some foreign-funded enterprises, the price of a large number of exported electric tools in China is generally relatively low. The main reason for this phenomenon is that export enterprises compete with each other at low prices. Its harm is quite serious. Some state-owned enterprises' products are generally of high quality, but they have fallen out of the competition due to the high cost, while some people with poor quality or even inferior quality have exported one after another by means of low price competition, which has an adverse impact on the international market and damaged the image of our products. Especially in the past two years, this phenomenon has been extended from the foreign trade market to the domestic market, resulting in an overall decline in the economic benefits of the entire industry. For the interests of the country and the nation, we must further regulate the market and advocate fair competition to make the foreign trade market of electric tools truly prosperous

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