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Is environmental protection of electric vehicles a false proposition? Hyundai's new hydrogen fuel truck may be made in China next year. Just last week, Li Renzhe, vice president of Hyundai Auto Co., Ltd., released a heavy message. He said that Hyundai's hydrogen fuel commercial vehicle will land in Ziyang, Sichuan Province next year and plans to enter the product access approval stage next year. So it seems that hydrogen fuel trucks are getting closer and closer to us. In view of the serious pollution of diesel vehicles and the fact that electric vehicles can't run far, hydrogen fuel trucks seem to be the best choice at present! What do card friends think of this

in July this year, Hyundai took the lead in the world to realize the mass production of hydrogen energy heavy truck xcient, and has shipped the first batch of 10 vehicles to Switzerland

although it sounds very hanging, hydrogen fuel trucks are not a new species. As early as 1968, the world's first usable hydrogen fuel cell car was born. This is a car made by general motors. The current downturn in oil prices is mainly determined by the relationship between market supply and demand. It is loaded with a fuel cell pack with a maximum power of 150 kW, with a range of 200 kilometers. But in that era, environmental protection was just a hypocritical topic, and no one cared at all

what is a hydrogen fuel cell

fuel cell is a power generation device that directly converts the chemical energy existing in fuel and oxidant into electrical energy. Outwardly, it has positive and negative electrodes and electrolytes, but in essence, it is not a "power plant" but a "power plant". Hydrogen fuel cell uses hydrogen as fuel, and the electrons produced can provide power for the motor. The exhaust gas emitted is water, which is safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Hydrogen fuel cell perfectly solves the biggest problem that puzzles all mankind. It is known as the "ultimate" substitute for diesel, which can be described as "once and for all"

the significance of hydrogen fuel cells for trucks

in fact, few people now mention the problem of energy depletion. The reason is that the more urgent problem is global warming. If we continue to use fossil energy and continue to emit carbon, the global average temperature will soon rise by more than 2 degrees. Then the earth entered an irreversible continuous warming. Therefore, the core issue of heavy trucks is "emission reduction". Of course, energy conservation is also very important

the transportation of hydrogen is a big problem

the transportation cost of hydrogen is also an important part of the whole cost chain. At present, the transportation methods of hydrogen include long tube trailer transportation of hydrogen, pipeline transportation and liquid hydrogen tanker transportation, among which long tube trailer transportation of hydrogen is the main method currently used; From the perspective of cost, when the distance is within 200km, the cost of long tube trailer hydrogen transportation is lower than that of pipeline transportation. Once it exceeds 200km, its transportation cost will increase significantly due to the impact of fuel cost and labor cost

the initial investment of pipeline transportation is high, which is suitable for large-scale and long-distance transportation. However, at present, there are few hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which have low utilization efficiency and long cost recovery time. The transportation of liquid hydrogen tanker is relatively insensitive to the change of transportation distance, but there is a lack of corresponding standards, which is less used in China. At this stage, it is mainly hydrogen transportation by long tube trailers, which brings a test to the site selection and layout of hydrogen refueling stations

status and planning of hydrogen refueling stations

the construction of hydrogen refueling stations is the basis for the commercialization and promotion of hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles, but the lack of the number of existing hydrogen refueling stations has greatly affected the promotion of vehicle models. According to incomplete statistics, so far, the number of hydrogen refueling stations in China has exceeded 66, dozens of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have built hydrogen refueling stations, and many cities such as Wuhan and Foshan have also issued plans for the construction of hydrogen refueling stations, which is developing steadily on the whole

from the perspective of hydrogen source, the classification of hydrogen refueling stations mainly includes external hydrogen supply and in station hydrogen production. External hydrogen supply also includes high-pressure hydrogen type and liquid hydrogen type. At present, the high-pressure hydrogen refueling station with external hydrogen supply is the most used and the highest localization of supporting facilities in China

according to the energy saving and new energy vehicle technology roadmap and the blue book on infrastructure development of China's hydrogen industry (2016), the number of hydrogen refueling stations will exceed 100 in 2020. According to the plans issued by local governments, this goal is expected to be achieved this year. By 2025, the number of hydrogen refueling stations will exceed 300, and by 2030, the number of hydrogen refueling stations will exceed 1000, By 2050, the government of the service area of hydrogen refueling station will strengthen the investment attraction of major projects to cover the areas with developed hydrogen energy industry in China

security is easy to cause doubts

another big problem, which is also the "security" that card friends are most concerned about, and it is also an issue that cannot be ignored. In the future, when hydrogen fuel cell trucks are put into long-distance operation, hydrogen storage bottles will inevitably be installed, and hydrogen storage requires extremely high pressure, which makes people have doubts about its safety. The maximum force value and elongation are locked on the force value and elongation display

long distance transportation is faced with complex emergencies, and it is also common for traffic accidents to cause fires, which puts a great test on the reliability and safety of hydrogen storage bottles. What is more difficult is that under the premise of mature technology, it also takes a certain process and time for people to relax and accept this new thing

although there are difficulties, the development of hydrogen fuel cell trucks still has a bright future. The blue ocean market is significant. Whoever can eat crabs first will have more cake points. Such algae is a renewable resource generation. Jiangling heavy truck, heavy truck, SAIC and other brands have successively set foot in the hydrogen fuel cell market by testing water. It can be said that the future of hydrogen fuel cells is certain, and what we need to do is just wait, And it won't be long

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