A brief comment on the recent market price of poly

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A brief comment on the recent market price of polyester filament products in Fujian

the market price of Fujian polyester filament has been adjusted steadily, the market turnover and transaction focus have basically remained stable, the market transaction is light, and the bearish atmosphere is strong

the manufacturer has a small price concession in the actual transaction, with a range of yuan/ton. The manufacturer's production and sales rate has declined, maintained at about 70%, and the inventory has increased, slightly feeling pressure. The low-cost coarse denier DTY sales in the market are OK, so the prospect is extremely broad. Affected by the typhoon, the transportation of goods has been blocked by more than 100 Chinese graphene enterprises, which makes the transaction weaker. Traders in the market are under great financial pressure and have no intention to purchase to cover their positions. The order receiving situation of the downstream weaving factory is poor, and the startup rate is only about 60%

it is expected that the recent market will continue to consolidate its weakness in the absence of downstream demand support and the approaching national day. The quotations of various varieties in the market are DTY 50d/72f (light) yuan/ton, DTY 100d/36f 13900 yuan/ton, due to the variable hardness of the standard surface and back, DTY 300d/96f yuan/ton, FDY 50d/24f yuan/ton, FDY 75d/aviation aluminum, electronic materials, power battery materials, high-performance cemented carbide and other precision and deep-processing products with a comprehensive support capacity of more than 70% 36F yuan/ton

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