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The development of the electrical industry has ushered in the "era of falling"

the decline in profits has intensified, and even losses have become an unavoidable topic for the electrical industry

over the years, China's electrical industry has maintained a trend of rapid growth, and a number of large and medium-sized enterprises have stood out. However, with the rising prices of raw materials, labor and financing costs, electric enterprises have generally experienced a serious decline in profits

according to the data, the profit rate of main business income and cost of the electrical industry in 2011 were lower than that in the same period of 2010, and the total profit achieved in the first 10 months was 12 percentage points lower than that in the same period of 2010

as of January 5, 2012, some listed electrical equipment companies have made it clear that their performance fell in 2011, including St Aji, Topri Xinneng, China XD and other large enterprises. From the information disclosed by listed companies, the direct reasons for the decline or loss of enterprise performance mainly include slowing demand, fierce competition, rising costs and other factors

the lower growth rate of industry profits is based on the increase of enterprise production costs, but the product sales price cannot be increased accordingly. Siyuan electric, China XD and Goldwind technology all said that the continuation of market competition dominated by product price competition, coupled with insufficient market demand and slowing industry growth, ultimately led to a decline in product market prices

according to the "1025" development plan of new material industry

at present, the revenue and profit of primary equipment at the transmission and distribution end continue to decline under the pressure of high raw material and labor costs, soaring financial costs and the trend of oversupply in the industry; The sub industries of new energy show a trend of differentiation: the wind power industry as a whole has a high growth, but the industry competition intensifies and the financing cost increases, and the company's performance generally shows a downward trend; The photovoltaic industry is still in the situation of declining profitability, and if the international microcomputer has strong functions and can print directly, the market risk is increasing day by day; The time point for the resumption of nuclear power approval still needs to be observed...

under the situation that the domestic and foreign economy is not yet clear, the storm of profit decline that began in 2011 will be more obvious in 2012, especially in some sub industries with overcapacity

the old saying goes: poor, change, change, and general, long. Farewell to the previous large-scale expansion, the electrical industry urgently needs to move forward from barbaric growth to intensive cultivation, which requires a large number of exceptionally stable entrepreneurs to lead the industry on this road. In 2012, in the "era of falling", mastering the technical trend of industry development and constantly improving its design and development ability, relying on technological innovation, service innovation and quality excellence will be the only sea god needle that this material has been widely used in auto parts and gas equipment enterprises to fight the market storm

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