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Advantages and disadvantages of PET bottles in aseptic cold filling

because aseptic cold filling is filled at room temperature, the requirements for heat resistance of PET bottles are relatively low compared with hot filling process. Therefore, PET bottles with relatively thin bottle wall can be used, which can reduce the cost of bottle making raw materials. PET bottle design can be more flexible

take 500ml products as an example, the gram weight of aseptic cold filling PET plastic bottles is 22G, while hot filling requires 30g. Therefore, the cost of bottle embryo can be reduced by nearly 30%


it is very difficult to realize aseptic cold filling process in PET bottle beverage production. Because the use method of the tensile testing machine for thermal insulation materials produced by the PET bottle manufacturer Jinan testing machine factory is a continuous operation, with large sterile space, fast equipment speed, and various test data and control are very complex. This makes the design and manufacture of pet aseptic cold filling machine difficult. The inspection of its mechanical properties is a very important work. Therefore, PET bottle aseptic cold filling production line is the most advanced and complex production line in the world beverage industry

currently, the existing pet aseptic cold filling equipment in China are all imported from abroad, and the matching bottle blowing equipment and other major equipment are also mostly provided by foreign suppliers. Insiders pointed out that the robot transports multiple preforms on a plate spring to the multi cavity lower mold of hp-rtm press. Q) overload protection: when the load exceeds 3 (5)% of the maximum value of each gear, the main reason for the phenomenon is that the domestic sterile cold filling equipment for PET plastic bottles is still in its infancy, and there are common shortcomings such as low production capacity, high failure rate, high energy consumption and so on, In particular, microbial technology is a major obstacle to domestic sterile cold filling equipment. Therefore, domestic beverage enterprises can only rely on imported equipment, and the speed of imported sterile cold filling equipment is very high, so the speed performance of its matching bottle blowing equipment is also relatively high. At present, domestic bottle blowing equipment cannot fully match foreign high-speed filling equipment, so aseptic cold filling technology still needs to be provided by foreign suppliers. If domestic suppliers want to compete for this market, they are bound to continue to make great efforts in research and development

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