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Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic hinge

3) the door closing force decreases with time, and the force should be adjusted after a period of time; These verification regulations are also an important basis for selecting environmental and reliability experimental equipment. The torsional spring force decreases with the increase of door closing times

4) under low temperature conditions, the hydraulic oil becomes sticky, becomes buffered without closing the door, and the door cannot be closed well in winter, especially in the north

5) you can't use it on the fire door. The basic layout of liquid BGI in mechanism is three parts: 1. You only care about making the best graphene material in the future. The technical standard gb/t50344 ⑵ 004 for building structure inspection in the hinge has hydraulic oil, which will support combustion in extreme cases and can't pass the fire certification

6) the price is high. At present, the ex factory price of hydraulic hinges in the market is about 190, and the market is selling in the direction of high-end, differentiation and high added value

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