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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the crushing method of the impact sand machine

from the crushing process, it can be divided into three stages: coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine pneumatic unit T, kg, N, kn, G, LB crushing 3. Word of mouth. Whether it is impact breaking or hammer breaking, the way of crushing is to perform its duties carefully. The difference is that in the impact crusher, the material is broken by more repeated impacts, which has the characteristics of high-frequency impact. The crushing ratio of the two crushers is very large, which is suitable for crushing brittle materials. The advantages that we can only use as a medium and low real setting gravel equipment are:

1, large crushing ratio. The crushing ratio of impact crushers (generally referred to as impact crushers and Hammer Crushers) can reach more than 50, while jaw crushers, cone crushers and roller crushers are difficult to exceed 20. Therefore, impact crushers are widely used in occasions that require single-stage crushing, such as limestone crushing in the cement industry

2. Good product particles. Under the impact, the crushed materials tend to break along their most vulnerable layer. This selective crushing method has a high probability that the particles are cubic, so the percentage of needle and flake of impact crusher products can be less than 10%, while the percentage of needle and flake of jaw crusher, cone crusher and roller crusher products will be higher than 15%. Therefore, when cubic particles are needed. For example, the impact sand machine is usually used as the final breaking equipment to produce concrete aggregate on the anti-skid pavement of high-grade highways

the shortcomings of the crushing method of the impact sand making machine are mainly reflected in:

because the impact crusher uses the impact principle to crush materials, its impact parts, such as hammer head, plate hammer, impact plate, etc., wear faster in use. This defect has limited the application scope of impact crusher for a long time

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