The world's first automobile spraying hybrid robot

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China's self-developed world's first automobile spraying hybrid robot came out

China's self-developed world's first automobile spraying hybrid robot came out

June 5, 2012

[China paint information] according to media reports, on April 2 this year, China's self-developed world's first automobile spraying hybrid robot came out in Yancheng, marking the trend of China's domestic automobile coating line towards high technology, environmental protection Automation and flexibility. On the morning of May 31, the interview and report group of "optimizing and strengthening the real economy -- entering Jiangsu's growing small and medium-sized enterprises" came to Jiangsu Changhong Automotive Equipment Group Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of automotive spraying hybrid robots

Qiu Honggen, chairman of the company, showed his determination to pursue his career in his bright eyes. He told that in recent years, the business of the company has developed relatively fast. In 2011, the sales reached 280million, an increase of 57% year-on-year. In 2012, the development was faster. By the end of May, the orders on hand had exceeded 300million yuan, and this year is expected to double compared with last year

talk about using extensometers in experiments; When installing the equipment, it is necessary to leave enough space around the equipment. Qiu Honggen deeply felt that to be willing to invest in new product research and development and scientific and technological innovation, the enterprise spends 3% of its total sales on product research and development every year. At present, 36 issued patents and 65 utility model patents have been declared and obtained. In view of the fact that domestic automobile manufacturers using Spraying Robots rely on imports, and many enterprises generally have problems such as high prices, difficult digestion, difficult maintenance, and difficult upgrading when purchasing the whole production line abroad, since April 2007, the company has jointly developed automobile Spraying Robots with Tsinghua University, and has successively invested more than 100million yuan to carry out demonstration, design and trial production, pilot production test, and industrial preparation. Finally, it has succeeded, filling the domestic technical gap. Qiu Honggen revealed that the project is expected to be officially put into operation at the beginning of 2013, with annual sales of 200million yuan and profits and taxes of 40million yuan

Qiu Honggen also set his sights on the capital market and wanted to use the "magic" of the capital market to enter 3 In the process of transportation, we should make the enterprise bigger and stronger. As a typical family business, in order to achieve listing, he made up his mind to carry out the share reform of the enterprise. Now he is carrying out the share reform and preparing the listing materials for the meeting

as for the difficulties of enterprises, Qiu Honggen said that with the support of government departments, although the development of enterprises has achieved great success, the use of funds is still a little tight, achieving a profit of 73.83 billion yuan. He hoped that the state would reduce taxes on enterprises engaged in the development of high-end products, or provide special funds to support enterprises. At the same time, it is hoped that the local government will speed up the construction of supporting facilities around the plant to solve the worries of enterprise development

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